I have a Motorola Razor running on Android Version 2.2.2.

Over the past 3 days, whenever I turn on the phone, the following message appears on the screen:

"The application [APPLICATION NAME] ( [APPLICATION ADDRESS] ) has stopped working unexpectedly. Please try again". Application name: Email, Messaging, Google Services, Market, The Weather Chanel, etc.

After force closing the initial message, up to 10 similar messages appear until the home screen finally opens.

If I click on the Google browser or any app, the error message(s) again appears and as a result I cannot access the Internet or run any apps.

Does anyone out there know how I can solve this issue?


Sounds like a database got corrupted, but perhaps it's just cache. Try clearing your cache via ClockworkMod Recovery if you have it or an app like this if you don't. Running "Fix permissions" in CWM or ROM Manager might also help if you're rooted.

If that doesn't work take a look at your logcat and see if there are any errors that are more clear about what the problem is. Otherwise I'd probably opt for a factory reset; unfortunately, I don't think it would be easy to track down what exactly was corrupted without more info.

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