I'm familiar with moving apps from internal to external memory. In fact I have to with the limited internal memory I have.

Some apps don't allow that. I know it's the android:installLocation line. I try to avoid the apps that don't allow moving to the external memory. The only way I know is to install it, and try to move it. Seems like an impractical method to me.

So, the question is: Is there a way to determine this setting before installing?

Specs if needed. Phone: Samsung Galaxy S5, SM-G900V, Android ver 6.0.1, not rooted.
Computer: Windows 10 Pro.

  • Do you mean download the apk file, unpack it, and read the file in a text viewer? Still learning about all of this? – Tom Collins Nov 15 '18 at 2:49

You will need to examine the app manifest on PC to determine if the app can / cannot be moved to external SD card

Manifest declarations that determine this are explained in my answer here App can't be moved to SD Card , Option not available. To summarize

Only if android:installLocation is set to auto or preferExternal it can be moved to external SD

For more details on reading the manifest file on PC see this SO question

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