I'm trying to setup Samsung Pay on a new Galaxy A8 2018 but I get this error message every time, even after re-installing Samsung Pay and resetting the phone as well as clearing Samsung Pays data.

Connection Error

Unable to connect to Samsung Pay temporarily. Try again later.

I've looked through the Samsung Account data and entered all I could.

The phone has "Magyar" as default region when I start it, could that be it? I don't have any SIM card in it but when I try putting one in I still get the same error message.


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Samsung Pay requires a SIM card to work, and it requires it on the first boot.

My solution was to put the SIM card in and then reset* the phone.

When it started with a SIM card in it, I saw "Samsung pay Sweden" pinned to the home screen (Swedish SIM card). It then worked flawlessly.

Why isn't this bug fixed yet one could ask, but there you have it.

Why didn't I have a SIM card in when I first booted it? I had to order a new micro SIM from my operator which took a week to get delivered.

* Reset it to factory defaults, wipe it clean. I guess you have everything in the cloud anyway.

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