(Already posted in Google's Maps help group, but no response.)

The latest update to Google Maps on my Pixel 2 XL running Pie has introduced a problem. When my phone is paired to my car's bluetooth, and playing music/podcast/whatever in the background, I can hear the music/podcast/whatever being muted at points in navigation when there should be a voice reading the navigation instructions, but there is no audible voice. If I am not paired, and am using navigation via the phone speakers, the voice is audible.

(Note that the playing of music/podcast/whatever doesn't affect whether the voice works or not; it's just how I could tell that it was trying to provide voice instructions.)

I've checked my settings (Maps->Settings->Navigation Settings), and I have guidance volume set to louder, and both play voice over bluetooth and play audio cues are toggled on.

Is this a bug, or is there another hidden setting somewhere that was introduced with this update that I need to change?

If it helps, my Maps version shows as 10.3.1 (#1003101244), and my system is up-to-date (security patch level November 5, 2018).

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