For some reason, I would like to downgrade the Google search app (com.google.android.quicksearchbox) to a older version, and upgrade later, on a MI 8 running Android Oreo. But when /system is mounted in recovery, I couldn't find the Google app in /system/app, although other system apps are there. I don't want to root the device, so how to?

  • Find the directory Velvet under /system/priv-app/. – Firelord Nov 28 '18 at 12:30

some applications are in deferent locations, system/app holds certain applications while system/priv-app holds other's... sometimes your phone provider also puts apps in system/vendor/operator/APP_FOLDERS_BY_NAME and custom/app/

These locations change depending on device, but mostly stick to the same root directory's..

  • system/app

  • system/priv-app

  • system/vendor/

  • custom/

Just have a look around at the different sub folders, and i think it's inconveniently named something completely different, like Velvet.apk

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