It's driving me crazy.

On a Moto G5s Plus (with Android 7.1.1) how do I set the screen I want as the default one, so that is shown when I press the Home button?

At the moment the left-most screen (of 3 screens) is the default. I wan to set the middle one as default one.

  • I already disabled Google Feed.

  • I already tried to long press one screen, get the setup view (change order, remove, Widgets, etc) but there is no icon (usually a "Home") at the top of the screen to be pressed for setting the default screen. I find this method everywhere but doesn't behave like that

  • I already tried to pinch-in with 3 fingers; nothing happens
  • 1
    Did you try this. I vaguely recall doing something similar on this device (currently not with me to test) – beeshyams Nov 28 '18 at 15:31
  • I know that method but doesn't fit my need. And I read that "The left panel is the default Home panel". No way to change behaviour? 😐Why such opinionated limit? – Kamafeather Nov 28 '18 at 15:35

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