I want to root my phone, so I can use Linux deploy. The thing is, this specific phone (Xperia z2a or sony Canopus) doesn't have any rooting method explained on the web, aside from those one-click-roots, in which I don't trust.

I tried flashing TWRP to no avail (bootloader is unlocked) because I read that Sony merged the recovery and boot partitions. I also tried dumping boot.img but because I don't have root access I can't do it. I couldn't find any pre-flashed images either (the only one was taken down from Mega site), so I'm without options here.

I am running Android 5.0.2. I already tried Kingoroot, but I read that they sell your IMEI to third-party websites. I saw Dr Fone Root, but I think they do the same.

So, how do I root this? Any pointer would be appreciated.

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