My Samsung Galaxy III has become VERY slow, as well as beginning to cause malfunctions in some of my apps. I tried going to my App Manager, to clear the caches & do Force Stop on some of the many apps shown as running. Clicking Clear Cache or Force Stop DOES NOTHING. The caches are not cleared, and the running apps are not stopped.

Im also beginning to have trouble connecting to Web Sites on this phone, altho I have no trouble on another phone using the same WiFi connection, both using Chrome.

I'm very much NOT a "techie", and barely understand how to send/receive email/texts and surf the web a little. So, if you are able to offer advice, please make it on a "kindergarden" level (tho kindergardeners probably know a LOT more than I do!).

Thank you for any help or advice you are kind eniugh to give a technologically handicapped 69 year old woman.

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