I'm running Gingerbread on my Samsung Galaxy S II. I dock it on my dash in my car and plug a 3.5mm cord from the phone to my stereo aux input.

I often listen to music from my phone through my car stereo, but when a call comes in and I answer it, there is terrible feedback on the other end because the caller hears both my speakers and the audio from the phone.

Is there anything I can do about this other than to switch to a traditional headset?

  • How will you talk on the call with the mic muted? – cjk Jan 23 '13 at 9:00

You could make use of e.g. Tasker -- an automation tool which can react on different situations and handle a lot of things (basically, sometimes I think 80% of questions like "How can I...with Android?" could be answered by "Use Tasker!". Though it doesn't come "cheap", on the developers website you can get a 7-day trial to check first. It's worth every cent of its 5 bucks!).

So with tasker, you do simple math:

condition + task = profile

For your case, it's probably something like...

Profile "docked-in-car"

  • Conditions: (they are always connected by AND with Tasker)
    • "headphones plugged"
    • "docked"
  • Tasks:
    • "audio -> mic mute"
    • optionally: "keyguard off"
    • optionally: "display timeout 0" (as it is connected to a power source, so you can continually see what's displayed)
    • most likely: "start app -> [music-app]".

Save & go. Now, when you dock your SGS2 and plug in the 3.5mm cord, mic should be muted -- and additionally some other nice actions executed.

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