TWRP provides an option on boot for "Zip signature verification". Is that option part of Android ROM packaging and would LineageOS support it? For me, that option does

Checking for Digest file...
Skipping Digest check: no Digest file found
verifying zip signature...
Zip signature verification failed!
Error installing zip file '/data/lineageos_updates/lineage-nightly-n1awifi-signed.zip'
Updating partition details...

I ask this because this ROM was download with the OTA update from LineageOS, and when it failed I download a new ROM from the website and it also failed.

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No! LineageOS does not Zip Signature Verify, instead the LineageOS download site provides SHA256 codes which the user or the downloading app can use to verify their downloads (using a tool like sha256sum).

You can click on the sha256 link above and change the ?sha256 in the url to ?sha1sum for example make this


Look like this,


You can verify build authenticity by checking the signature,

keytool -J-Duser.language=en -printcert -jarfile lineage-build-signed.zip

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