Title: Can Android perform surface analysis (Detection of bad sectors) on external SD Cards?

Reasons for asking: 1. At one point, I found tons of old pictures and videos in the 'LostDir' folder. 2. My tablet and Windows 8 computer ocatilny fail to recognize the card for extended amounts of time. Often, however, and letting it sit for 1-4 months or less and plugging it in and then taking it out several time repeatedly it will start to work. 3. A couple of times, my tablet claimed the card was corrupted. 4. A friend's windows 7 computer was able to access shortly after both my Windows 8 computer and tablet couldn't read it.

Question I would like to know if Android can do any of the following:

  • When reformatting an SD Card, can it detect bad sectors?
  • If it finds a bad sector, can it map around it, so that it does not affect the card. What if I reformatted it with separate software or a different OS? Also, are there any other ways to ensure the integrity of my Sd card?

System Information

OS: Android 4.2.2

Model: Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (Wifi) GtP3113

Age: About 6 years

SD Card age: Between 4 and about 6 years.


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