Just tried to use iris, the supposed Siri clone for Android:

Me to iris: "Remind me in two hours to get cascade"

iris: "What is your real name?"

Me: Why does it need that? "Josh"

iris: "Definition of 'Josh': to jest or tease playfully"

Me: "You're useless."

iris: "Definition of useless: not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome"

Me: "Exactly!"

Am I doing it wrong or is iris really just not fulfilling or not expected to achieve the intended purpose or desired outcome?


From what I've seen, Iris isn't supposed to be a competitor for Siri, but rather just a (mostly) joke app that just tries to replicate some of Siri's snarkiness. It's for laughs, not productivity.

If you do want to be productive with voice commands, there are some options. Vlingo and SpeakToIt Assistant spring immediately to mind. There are others.

This might be helpful: Lifehacker: How to get a personal assistant like Siri on your Android phone for free


You need to make sure to ask the right questions.

Here are a few

  • calender (Remind me of the meeting coming friday) or (set a reminder this friday)
  • Alarm (Set alarm at 540 am)
  • Call someone (can you please call Bob)
  • text someone (send a text to Bob)
  • search nearby (find me a nearby coffee shop)
  • play music (play the song rolling in the deep)
  • ask movie reviews (should I watch the movie Mission Impossible)
  • watch videos (show me a video of cat singing)
  • find news (what is the news about SOPA)

These are just a couple of the commands available.

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