I have a Huawei P10. When I plug it into the charger with supercharge capabilities, it keeps turning on and off (by turning off, I mean not charging at all not just supercharging). This doesn't happen when mobile is turned off (I see the orange diode and speed of charging).

I plug it... 4 seconds charging. then a beep and it stops charging... 5 seconds and it charges again... etc.

Sometimes it doesn't turn off; but when I open an application, for example Chrome, it turns off and then on again.

Not sure but it may be a software problem. These are what I noticed:

1. Supercharging works without problems when mobile is turned off.
2. Turning off and on happens in Safe Mode too.
3. Supercharging on powerbank works without problems.
4. Normal charging (from PC for example) works without problems.

Do you know where could be the problem?

  • Internet search shows it to be a common problem. From the solutions that worked, I see these worth trying 1.Clearing cache 2. Cleaning the port 3. Flipping the connector that goes into the port (there is one question on this site, where this worked for OP in a different situation Is the device defective?) – beeshyams Dec 10 '18 at 15:38

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