My old Samsung Galaxy Tab running Android 4.2 would always show 3 word suggestions above the keyboard as I was typing. I thought it was very helpful. But my new tablet(Galaxy Tab A 8") running 8.1 doesn't have that. Can I get that back?


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Let it be set to default keyboard(Samsung Keyboard).

Follow steps to turn on word's suggestions:

For Galaxy tab:

Follow the steps:

  1. Open Settings - Scroll down to System - Language and input-Choose Samsung keyboard.
  2. Under Smart typing choose Predictive text and enable it.

For Handsets:

  1. Open Settings-General Managment-Language and Input-On screen keyboard-Samsung Keyboard.
  2. Now turn on 'Predictive text' option and again in this option turn of 'Auto replace'.

Note: Auto Replace will enable the keyboard to replace predicted words by itself and this could create problem while typing.


Downloaded the Google keyboard app. It solved the problem for me


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