I have a Nokia 6.1 with several geofencing based Applets to turn on/off the ringer, etc. All of these recipes I got from IFTTT. I just realized that none of them have run since December 6th. Any idea what's going on? My phone is a Nokia 6.1 running Android Pie.


It's hard to be certain, but it seems like opening IFTTT on my Android smart phone fixed my problem. Although that isn't very helpful in a way, since you have to notice that IFTTT isn't working and open it. I don't see a way of preventing the problem. Maybe I could set an IFTTT applet to send myself a daily "everything is okay" email and then if I didn't get the daily email I would know to check on it? This might not do anything to help problems with the geofence based applets like I use though.

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