Is there any command equivalent to adb cmd package compile -m everything -f in termux?


Yes, it works. You just need root to do this:

$ tsu -a
# cmd package compile -m everything -f


$ tsu -c '/system/bin/cmd package compile -m everything -f'
  • @IrfanLatif Good to know that. Thanks. I didn't realize that I edited my files to automatically do that. – iBug Dec 18 '18 at 13:45
  • Though I get CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE "/system/bin/cmd": cannot locate symbol "XzUnpacker_Construct" referenced by "/system/lib/libunwind.so"... , but it seems that it will work if I fix it. Thanks! – KYHSGeekCode Dec 27 '18 at 22:30

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