I have looked all over the place and cannot seem to find a way to automatically remove an app's respective notification upon the app opening from the app launcher. In iOS this behavior was just a given but, in Android the notifications remain even after opening the app. If I open the app from the notification, the notification is cleared out, but I may not want to open the app from the notification because it may take me to a part of the app that I don't want to go to (like directly into a particular email rather than the inbox).

I am on a Note 9 running 8.1.0. Not rooted.


From searching, an app developer can program this functionality in but I don't think there's a global setting for it. You can investigate into IFTTT type apps like Tasker or Automate - shouldn't be too difficult to set up a trigger when an app is in foreground and then clear notifications (or disable then enable it if clearing is not supported).

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    Yeah. I saw that stuff too, on Stack Overflow. I'll check out those apps to see if they would be able to do the job but I may just bite the bullet and change my app opening habit and just open the apps via the notification instead of the app launcher.
    – Jesse P.
    Dec 19 '18 at 22:56
  • I looked at the apps and they would possibly do the task I want but are overcomplicating the solution. I'd prefer for Google to just bake this functionality into Android, since it only makes sense that opening an app gets rid of its respective notifications, but I'll just clear the notifications manually.
    – Jesse P.
    Dec 20 '18 at 12:45

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