I have looked all over the place and cannot seem to find a way to automatically remove an app's respective notification upon the app opening from the app launcher. In iOS this behavior was just a given but, in Android the notifications remain even after opening the app. If I open the app from the notification, the notification is cleared out, but I may not want to open the app from the notification because it may take me to a part of the app that I don't want to go to (like directly into a particular email rather than the inbox).

I am on a Note 9 running 8.1.0. Not rooted.

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From searching, an app developer can program this functionality in but I don't think there's a global setting for it. You can investigate into IFTTT type apps like Tasker or Automate - shouldn't be too difficult to set up a trigger when an app is in foreground and then clear notifications (or disable then enable it if clearing is not supported).


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