This is similar to this previous question, but for a tv rather than a phone.

My smart TV is made by Intex (India) and as per guides, runs Android 5.0. There are some inbuilt apps and an 'Intex play store', not the Google Play store. I would like to install other apps from Google Play Store. How do I (a) install play store, or, (b) install apps without play store?

Note: (1) I am unable to install other repositories such as F-Droid also.

(2) I was not required to sign into a Google account the way you would on an android phone.

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    1) List the model number of the Smart TV (2) Does a "Install from Unknown Sources" exist in your Settings (and does that work)? (3) Does "Developer Mode" work on the device? Have you tried to side load F-Droid via that method? – Morrison Chang Dec 20 '18 at 6:34

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