I have a 2018 Jeep with UConnect 4 (8.4" display). A week or two ago, Android Auto stopped connecting to it on my new Pixel 3. I plug the phone it, and it notifies me that it's charging, but that's it. It has worked before - maybe before the most recent security update.

With this particular head unit, there's no way to start Android Auto without plugging the phone in. (The icon doesn't appear when a phone isn't plugged in.)

Android Auto still works without any issues on my older Nexus 5x (Android Oreo 8.1), with the same head unit and cable.

Any idea how I can fix the problem to get Android Auto working on my Pixel 3? Any idea how I can debug it?

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    It might be an issue with being in charge only mode. Maybe a setting in developer options like select usb configurations or try pulling the slide down menu. Then press the charging notification to see if there are different options. I do not know the latter I do not have that device. – Bo Lawson Dec 20 '18 at 20:56

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