I'm running LineageOS 14 (Android 7) and my SD card was formatted as adoptable storage. I want to revert it to portable storage, without loosing apps, so I need to move those apps back to internal storage beforehand.

However I don't know which apps are stored on the SD card just now, and checking them manually, one after the other, using the Settings menu, is quite slow and error-prone.

How do I get a list of apps that are stored the SD card?

  • A drastic measure could be to remove the SD card, and note all the apps that will not work properly – Reddy Lutonadio Dec 23 '18 at 21:45

Very simple use the file manager and browse to sdcard/Android/data all the apps are there. Using solid explorer I can even see the app icons. (Not guaranteed, can show apps that don't store data on the SD card)

Alternatively you can just view the storage settings, click the sdcard f2fs and then apps and they are all listed there.

  • Note that sdcard/Android/data only lists data apps stored on the card. By what's there you cannot tell whether an app having its data here is installed on SD card or internal. I have several data directories in that place though I haven't installed a single app on SD card. – Izzy Dec 23 '18 at 11:49
  • Huh, TIL thanks @Izzy. The second method it is then. – trishmapow Dec 23 '18 at 22:16
  • 1
    There is a hidden directory on the card containing moved apps. But without root, you cannot see it. I don't remember the name (as I never used that myself), something like .android_secure (and files with the extension .asec) I vaguely remember. – Izzy Dec 23 '18 at 22:24
  • I agree with Izzy the first solution (sdcard/Android/data) is not 100% correct. The second one seems to have the same problem, because it lists apps that take space from the sd card, which are not necessarily the same that are installed there. Though both solutions might just be good enough, depending on the list size and other factors, they aren't in my case. – Lucio Crusca Dec 24 '18 at 5:40

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