I downloaded the Android 4.2.2 image from Android Studio. However, I need the system time and date to be current, and it was set to 1/1/1970.

I tried updating the time manually in the emulator, and through the adb shell, but nothing happened.

Then I opened logcat and noticed that right after I update the time there is a warning:

W/SystemClock( 931): Unable to open alarm driver: No such file or directory

Is there any simple way to fix this without diving into the source code?

Emulator Information:

CPU/ABI: Google APIs ARM (armeabi-v7a)
Target: google_apis [Google APIs] (API level 17)
Skin: 1366x768
SD Card: 512M
runtime.network.speed: full
hw.accelerometer: yes
hw.lcd.width: 1366
hw.initialOrientation: landscape
image.androidVersion.api: 17
tag.id: google_apis
hw.mainKeys: yes
hw.camera.front: emulated
hw.gpu.mode: auto
hw.ramSize: 1536
PlayStore.enabled: false
fastboot.forceColdBoot: no
hw.cpu.ncore: 2
hw.keyboard: yes
hw.sensors.proximity: yes
hw.dPad: no
hw.lcd.height: 768
vm.heapSize: 80
skin.dynamic: yes
hw.device.manufacturer: User
hw.gps: yes
skin.path.backup: _no_skin
hw.audioInput: yes
image.sysdir.1: system-images/android-17/google_apis/armeabi-v7a/
hw.cpu.model: cortex-a8
showDeviceFrame: no
hw.camera.back: virtualscene
AvdId: Clover_Station_API_17
hw.lcd.density: 160
hw.arc: false
hw.device.hash2: MD5:f79a33b525214ea5fcd93610eae3d5d6
fastboot.forceChosenSnapshotBoot: no
fastboot.forceFastBoot: yes
hw.trackBall: no
hw.battery: yes
hw.sdCard: yes
tag.display: Google APIs
runtime.network.latency: none
disk.dataPartition.size: 800M
hw.sensors.orientation: yes
avd.ini.encoding: UTF-8
hw.gpu.enabled: yes
  • Could try to simply go to settings within the emulated device settings -> date and time -> uncheck automatic date and time and then manually add date and time. That might work or compile driver and insmod it in. – Bo Lawson Dec 24 '18 at 22:32

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