So, I'm using an app that generates it's own calendar account on my android smartphone. It's a rostering app (AIMS eCrew), but that's mostly irrelevant.

Anyway, it works in a way that there is a separate calendar account in my google calendar app (similar to all the xxx@gmail.com tabs) holding all the events. I would like to be able to edit those events (move them to other calendar accounts, or batch edit/delete etc.) but all I can do is click on them and view details, that's it (ok, I can also copy it to another calendar account, but if anything, I would like to move it, and move the whole month at once).

Is there any way to edit those app-generated events or only the app itself can do it?

  • The Copy Calendar Events app might be worth a try for your case. I haven't used it, but it days it can copy or even move events between multiple calendars. Does that work for you? – Izzy Dec 25 '18 at 18:32

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