I recently bought a new smartphone, it's a LG Q7 and it's running Android 8.1

With it I tried running various games, of which, two of them are gear.club and Implosion - Never Lose Hope. Although I wasn't able to play gear.club on my previous smartphone, I was able to play Implosion albeit a bit slowly and I know I can control the character via touch. In regards to gear.club, my brother played it on his phone and he was able to use touch but on my phone, those two games, when doing the tutorial, they show the buttons for a gamepad/controller and won't respond to any touch input I give them. I haven't yet connected any device to this smartphone.

What I tried:

  • Going into settings and search for an options about controllers, couldn't find anything.
  • Disabling the LG Gaming Extension but it does nothing ( it's used to change resolution and framerate)
  • Contacting gear.club and implosion support to no avail

This question might be similar but both in gear.club and Implosion there is no option to change from gamepad to touch controls.

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