Shortly ago, my J7 Prime stopped recognizing my fingerprint.

When I go to Settings -> Lock screen and security -> Fingerprint Scanner I get

An error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your device.

I tried a few options I found, and none worked:

  1. Rebooting.
  2. Going into Safe Mode. The same error appears. Plus, almost all my widgets in the home screen disappeared, so I had to redo it.
  3. Settings -> Apps -> Three dots -> Show system apps -> Fingerprint -> Clear Data . The cache was already empty. Rebooting.
  4. Logging off and into my Samsung account.
  5. Developer options (this was already enabled) -> OEM unlock -> Enable. Reboot. Developer options -> OEM unlock -> Disable, and Developer options -> Disable.

What I did not (and I cannot) try:

  1. Rooting my phone (it is a corporate device).
  2. Resetting my phone (same).

What can I do to fix the problem? (other than taking it to the IT dept.)

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Most likely the problem is with the fingerprint scanner itself. He was either damaged or moved away from the water, and he burned


There was a system update pending. After I updated the fingerprint sensor came back to life.

(Note: Not only that... about 1.5GB were freed, which I very much needed. Unfortunately, Android's gluttony will promptly take care of it.)

I cannot propose this as a general solution as:

  1. I am not sure it will always work (although after the update there were a few glitches that got fixed, so I guess there are chances it will work).
  2. This depends on the existence of a pending update, which will not always be available.
  • That's disturbing. Locking the fingerprint scanner to get you to update?
    – Ethan Z
    Mar 30, 2019 at 17:36
  • This didn't help me, seems like a problem with the finger print sensor itself. Aug 27, 2020 at 6:18

enter image description here

I Fixed this issue. I have Note 9 Phone.

You need to Remove and Reconnect your Battery.. I know its not Possible becouse Latest Phones Are Seeltype by itself.

But samsung give option for simmulate pull battry and reconnect. Its not lost any data.

Press Power button + Volume Down Button Same time and keep 30 Second

Then phone will be restart and try again your fingerprints.

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