Because my front mic don't work, I have to create an MP3 from the back mic, and send it in a Whatsapp message. Sometimes I would click it to play it back myself.
It played in Whatsapp just fine. Then I installed Podcast addict and now when I click on the MP3 in Whatsapp, it opens Podcast addict and wants to play there. I could not find where permissions got changed. I want to keep Podcast Addict, but I want an MP3 that is in Whatsapp to play in Whatsapp.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks


Go to the newly installed apps preference in settings, their will be a "set to default" kind of section. Reset this for the new app.

This will reset defaults without removing the app, now you can open mp3 in your preferred application.

  • In 'About' Section I found 'Reset to Defaults'. That did not work.
    – Joel
    Dec 30 '18 at 20:32

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