I have been using this browser for a while now and I am somewhat impressed. I've added some bookmarks which I'd like to import to the browsers on my laptop. So where do I find them? Or are they in the app itself?


In XBrowser, go to Settings → User Center → Export bookmark to HTML file. The bookmarks would be saved inside /storage/emulated/0/xbrowser/recovery (just use a file manager and visit xbrowser directory in the default storage view). You should be able to use it to import it in a compatible browser.

The bookmarks are actually saved inside a database named mbrowser located inside /data/data/com.xbrowser.xplay/databases/. The table name is bookmark. You would need root access to access the data directory.

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  • Thanks, I seriously doubted they were wrapped into the app. Old Classic Mac user here; Apple didn't, M$ did but changed, and I've never heard of it happening in a Linux. – Steve Wright Dec 31 '18 at 16:40

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