I am using Solid File Explorer to browse my files. Each time I tap an image, it is opened in Google's Photos. I would like to know where this relation is defined in my Android 8.0 and how can I change it (i.e. should I modify defaults of Solid File Explorer or Google Photos or both)?

I am asking, because both applications defaults' settings doesn't suggest such relation exists:

enter image description here

I.e. Solid File Explorer doesn't open anything by default and Photos opens only some links and no file types. And the "Clear defaults" button is disabled in both cases. So, I am a little bit stumbled on how does my Android 8.0 know that it should open images in Photos and how can I change it.

Both questions that I've read so far (this and this) are seven years old and covers a very old version of Android. So brings no help here.

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