I am using the Bluemail email app and when an email is received on my android phone I get a notification on my phone showing who it is from and the subject. But if I do not discard the notification, then when I get a second email then the notification says "2 new emails", so I can't see, from my lock screen, the email details for the 2nd and subsequent emails like I can for the first email until I discard the notification. Are there any settings in Bluemail or Android O/S where I turn off the grouping of emails, so that I can see the details of each email, or if not are there any other email apps where this setting exists? I have also tried - Email by Edison, Email TypeApp, K-9 Mail and myMail and these are all no different.


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After trying 6 different email apps I figured that may be all email apps send a notification of "2 new emails" for the 2nd email unless you clear the first, so I tried a couple of work-a-rounds for my use case which is to be able to view email notifications on my smart watch:

  1. I tried using IFTTT where I created a trigger to send a notification when it receives an email. This sort of worked, but notifications are not replaced, they are added and I couldn't find a way to clear all notifications from IFTTT - specifically when I went into IFTTT it does not clear notifications as it does if you go into email app, so the only way was to clear ALL notifications including other non-email apps.

  2. I installed a notification blocker - the one that seemed to work best was Notification Blocker & Cleaner & Heads-up Off as this does not delete notifications, but puts them in separate folder called junk, so now I always get full notification details of every email on my watch and if I go into Junk folder notification on my phone then I can see history of all email notifications and I can clear them all from here.

So using a notification blocker works really well and solves my issue.

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