I read conflicting reports so i am asking this for 100% clarification:

This the scenario:

Lets say im an Uber driver and I need to have my phone ON all the time ( Waze, Google maps, etc ). Its on a car mount WIRELESS charger. Since its mounted the whole day, it charges to full and remains at 100% through out the day.

At that point, does the phone draw all its power from the charger ( screen, gps, etc) "bypassing" the battery, thus giving it a "rest"? Or the battery is at constant discharge / charging state. Apps such as Ampere shows "Full", with no discharge but it does detect the wireless charger.

I ask cause i intend to keep the phone for 2+ years and i don't want to kill the battery by leaving connected to the wireless charger. Or should i unplug the cable, let the phone discharge naturally then just connect it back when its about 40%?

This for a Galaxy S9, not sure if that matters.

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