Many apps can fake GPS location, but none can fake the high accuracy option provided by the internet.

And I need this mocked as well. Many apps demand this option enabled

When high accuracy is disabled, the mocking apps succesfully change my position

But they don't work when High accuracy is enabled. My real location is detected


When I say "provided by the internet", I mean aided by the internet AND/OR carrier/towers.

I don't understand much of this part. And apparently, I got things wrong: non-accurate location being towers and accurate being the satellites.

The phone is rooted and xposed, and Mock locations is enabled under developer

And lastly:

When I say High accuracy, I mean the option that can be enabled/disabled under Settings→Locations→Mode


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Faking your GPS location .. or Mock Locations.

Mock Locations can be enabled using the Development Options, this will acquire your location provided by triangulation of the connected cell towers and then apply an offset, I'm fairly sure.

If you use Network Location, your device could be calculating your location extremely inaccurately, by simply not reading the correct signal strength from a specific tower, maybe your body is on one side of the device and disrupting the signal to the Ariel.

Using High Accuracy GPS is not using the " internet " ( Network Signal Strength Calculations ) rather it's using calculations based on recognising visible satellites, then checking where on earth those satellites are visible from, it uses a separate internet connection to do these calculations, you'll see the network is active when your GPS Icon is flashing.

  • I've edited the OP after reading your answer. Now: can this "offset" be applied to the actual satellites? Is there an App that does that ?
    – user113550
    Jan 5, 2019 at 15:38
  • Yes.. You need to use Xposed ... And then find a module for mocking GPS locations, it should be easy after all the Pokémon GO hackers. Jan 6, 2019 at 1:55

You should find a location spoofing app acting as Xposed module as well e.g. Mock Locations.

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