So I'm looking at a cheap way to implement a backyard GPS tracker in my car, I'm going to have a cheap Android phone hardwired to the loom so that it recieves power only when the ignition is on. Is it possible to implement a way of ringing my contact number upon recieving charge power? No clue on the technical aspects so easy explanations are appreciated

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    You can easily do that with automation (click on that to see more) . With MacroDroid you can try Trigger : Power connected ; Action :call number. If that works good enough for you (it should) feel free to self answer (see How to Answer) – beeshyams Jan 6 at 8:36
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    You will also need to make sure your cheap device supports auto turn on when charging. Being that it will remain without power in a car for a while the battery will drain quickly. Once that works, one of @beeshyams solutions will work, but there will be a few minutes delay for power up and script running. – user218076 Jan 6 at 15:04
  • @user218076 : Good point, which I didn't think of. OP would need to add a "wait xx" as first action (time it would take to power up plus a little more) – beeshyams Jan 6 at 15:10

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