I have recently bought a Samsung J8 android phone and encrypted my external sd card with a pin number and now forgot it too. I can't figure out the encryption pin I have set on my sd card and now I have no longer access to the encrypted files.

But trying to open it in HTC 816g the sd card shows files but I can't use it my new Samsung-J8 as it says corrupted sd card. What should i do? Please give two to three solutions as i dont want to loose my years of data on the sd card.

  • Afraid the only way is: put the card in your (old) HTC, attach the HTC to your computer, copy all files from the card to your computer. Then either buy a new card for the new device or have the new device format the card, and copy the files back. – Izzy Jan 6 at 13:01
  • And do not forget to make regular backups. Having only one copy of years of data on a single sd-card is extremely careless. What is the phone gets lost or stolen? – Άνδρας Jan 7 at 1:45

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