I have two issues:

1) When I go to power on my Honor 4x (Che2-L11 ) it gets stuck on honor logo boot page. This has happened to me once before so I downloaded from the official Huawei website the rollback update.app, saved to SD card and then used the power+vol up button to then update with the SD card. That worked last time.

2) However, when I try power+vol up, it does not do anything at all. It just stays on the honor logo boot page no matter how long I hold it for.

3) If I connect with USB cable to laptop and then hold power+vol down button it goes into something called fastboot recovery and I have two options there but neither seem to work.

4) Also, not sure the phone is charging properly. Seems to stay on pic of batter. THough I managed to get the circle thing showing the percentage and left it until it went to 100%.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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