So, my end goal is this: I want to take audio input from a 3.5mm audio cable, which is outputting sound, send it through the headphone plug into a phone, and transmit to a pair of bluetooth headphones. The phone is a samsung galaxy 7, the headphones are a pair of JBL Free, and I can't remember if the 3.5mm has 3 or 4 poles. Does this sound doable?

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  • 1) Is your cable the standard 3.5mm four-connector plug ? static.rapidonline.com/catalogueimages/product/… Or, is a three pole plug? canford.co.uk/Images/ItemImages/large/43-288_01.jpg 2) Is the output from your audio source into the phone line, or microphone, level? 3) Are you able to record a clean signal on your phone once connected with a recorder app? Please click on edit and add the answers into your question.
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The biggest issue you'll encounter is that you have stereo output but only mono input (on your phones side). Source

Picture of different types of headphone jacks

As you can see, your phone has two speaker/audio out contacts (used to stream sound e.g. music to another device e.g. speakers) no matter what type of headphone jack you plug in, but only one contact for microphone/audio in (needed to stream music to the phone).

If you plug in your typical headphone cable you only connect to the speaker connectors and not with your microphone connector.

I want to take audio input from a 3.5mm audio cable, which is outputting sound.

If your audio source outputs only in mono you could simply dismantle a four connector cable and remap one of it's speaker contacts to the input contact.

If you want something more refined you could try something like this headphone jack to Bluetooth transmitter which is able to stream stereo to your headphones and probably in a much better quality.

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    Thank you for the thorough answer. I did know about the bluetooth transmitter, and was considering getting one. But if i can use my phone instead, it saves me $20 and 4 days in shipment time. But by the looks of what you've shown me, it doesn't seem all that practical. Again, thank you for the answer. Jan 11, 2019 at 18:40

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