My Huawei tablet, MediaPad 10FHD, model S10-101u is telling me ‘too many pattern attempts’ and ‘to unlock, sign in with google account’. I've tried signing in with all my google accounts but it wont work, even though I’ve got the right passwords.

So I’m Trying to factory reset my device and i copied what it sent. Which is telling me to hold power and volume up at the same time. I cannot go any further than that because it comes up telling me:

‘Enter into fast boot mode, you can press POWER key for more than 10 seconds to reboot device’.

Now when I do that it takes me back to the normal turn on. Where I was in the beginning. I've tried holding power key and volume down and the android man comes on and it says FAIL in big red writing and in small yellow words it says a sdcard upgrade failed! Please reboot.

Does anyone know any way I can get into my device so that I can have access to it please?

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