This app named Handwriting Fonts for Samsung, Oppo and HTC phones is acting like a malware. Whenever I try to uninstall it, my phone restarts (or probably reboots) and the app doesn't get uninstalled. When I checked the reviews, there were other people too having the same issue.

I have tried uninstalling it from Google Play also. I have tried forcing stopping it; clearing data and then uninstalling it; using safe mode to uninstall it. No progress.

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    Enable Developer mode and Android Debug Bridge (adb) on your device and connect to to a PC with adb tools installed. Then use adb logcat to see if there is a log entry that explains why the device is rebooting. – Robert Jan 8 at 18:34
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    When using ADB, you could also try adb uninstall com.monotype.android.font.glad.handwritten. As ADB has "elevated privileges" (not quite root, but still more than "average"), this might have a chance. Apart from that: Have you installed the app, or did it come pre-installed on your device? – Izzy Jan 8 at 23:38
  • I have installed it from Google Play – Running_Chicken Jan 10 at 13:52

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