In Device Maintenance system app on Samsung Galaxy Note8, there is a TopBuzz cache shown when caches are being cleaned. Also in the safe mode. It reappears as a cleanup item every few minutes together with System cache item and they show 82 MB to clean up.

enter image description here

Since nothing like that is installed, I originally thought this is a sign of a malware, but after rebooting to the safe mode, the behavior continues and both items are re-appearing every few minutes in 82 MB size.

Is TopBuzz normal part of Note8 built-in software or is it possible that it somehow got into the phone later? How can I determine what is happening here?

Additional details:

  • The phone is not rooted.
  • Android 8.0.0.
  • 5 anti-virus scanners did not find any issue with TopBuzz.
  • I reviewed the entire app list in the safe mode and found nothing like that.
  • Despite the name on the above screenshot, I did not find a public or hidden cache called TopBuzz using SD Maid app. Any other caches shown by SD Maid contain only few kilobytes after cleanup, 82 MB is nowhere to be found. But TopBuzz + System cache still show that 82 MB size in Device Maintenance app.
  • No idea, but here's the app on Playstore. If you're familiar with ADB, you could use that to check whether it's installed (like adb shell 'pm list packages'|grep ss.android). – Izzy Jan 8 at 22:52
  • Please, if someone else with Note8 sees this, kindly drop a note here. – miroxlav Jan 9 at 8:50
  • Search for "buzz" in SD Maid's AppControl, make sure you have system apps included via settings. It will search both app names and packagenames. Could possibly be an instant app which shows almost no where... – darken Jan 11 at 8:47
  • Yeah, so I downloaded topBuzz when you are looking try to look for something like com.ss.android.article.master or anything starting with com.ss.android.article. The app has a very high amount of permission request at about 48. – Bo Lawson Jan 11 at 18:59

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