I have downloaded the Windows 10 ARM on my Android phone, but it stops when I press any keys to boot from the CD or DVD.

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This is my start.sh file:

sleep 2
echo "Starting ..."
qemu-system-aarch64 \
  -M virt \
  -cpu cortex-a57 \
  -smp 6 \
  -m 1G \
  -pflash QEMU_EFI.img \
  -pflash QEMU_VARS.img \
  -device VGA \
  -device nec-usb-xhci \
  -device usb-kbd \
  -device usb-mouse \
  -device usb-storage,drive=install \
  -drive if=none,id=install,format=raw,media=cdrom,file=arm.ISO \
  -device usb-storage,drive=drivers \
  -drive if=none,id=drivers,readonly=on,file=drivers.vhdx \
  -device virtio-blk,drive=system \
  -drive if=none,id=system,format=raw,file=Hard.qcow2 \

And there it stops working. What can I do to make it go off successfully?

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I think you must compile qemu-system=aarch64 by yourself, but go into the /arm folder of the source code. You have to go in the file virt.c and modify line has_el3=false to has_el3=true.

Microsoft Windows wants a trust zone, so we emulate it. It will compile, though it will have no GUI, and you have to start this from the command line back on Android, and then vnc into it.

The OS seems still experimental though.

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