I am using "Music" that comes with LineageOS 15.1, the app's full name shows up as org.lineageos.eleven.

Occasionally, my phone starts playing music from my mp3s that I have stored on the phone. I think the trigger for this is the volume up/down keys, but I'm having trouble reproducing it. This seems to happen even when the music app is not running and the screen is locked, it will suddenly start playing music from my queue. Very annoying on its own, but made even worse by volume buttons occasionally getting pressed inside my pocket.

Is there a known bug where the Lineage Music app will start playing music on its own? Or is this intended behavior where the app is just responding to button presses (like volume) as I suspect? Is there a way to disable this feature, so that the music player only responds to buttons on headphones (if connected) or touchscreen input (when screen is unlocked) and never physical buttons like power/volume?

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