With a productivity lock in place with an access code that is set by someone else, the phone user cannot directly open the "stock browser" unless Android asks:

Sign into public wifi network

if I happen to connect to such a network that requires signing in. That is as intended, At the same time I am trying to disable the user access to the "stock browser" from any other app such as Slack.

To be clear: Slack has a button that disables opening links with the "stock browser", but that does not prevent the user access to the "stock browser" as the user can go to settings>advanced settings>flip that button that prevents access.

Therefore I have the following question: How can one prevent certain apps from opening the "stock browser" in LineageOS 14.1?

Currently my options consist of:

  1. Modifying all apps to such an extend that that function is not possible to re-enable once it has been disabled.
  2. Finding a setting that allows only specific apps to open the stock browser.
  3. Finding an app that enforces such control settings.

Neither of the 3 approaches have yet led to successful blocking of "stock browser"-access.


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