I have a discontinued LG L5 E455 Android phone that came with Android 4.1.2 OS.

I am forced to upgrade the OS because most of the apps I need to install are not compatible with this version of OS, according to Google Play.

I tried to upgrade the OS through the update option in the Android interface, it did some magic but the Android version is still the same.

I could not find any LineageOS ROM that was created for this phone.

  • Is it only possible to upgrade the Android OS by a custom ROM? If so, why?

  • Is it possible to install the official Google versions?

  • Why does it not work like in Linux distributions that can be installed on almost any PC?


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Your phone is from 2013 - quite old to be expecting software updates. Hence it's quite unlikely that you would get a major Android version update from LG (maybe security updates if you're lucky). Custom ROMs are maintained by their respective devs giving a bit of extra life for your device.

As for the third question, the answer here is very compehensive - Bootloader/BIOS, flashing ROM and correlated risks. Why Android devices are more brickable than PCs?

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