I bought a lovely old phone from the 70's that only "talks" the pulse dial mode: 611-2a I connected it to my router and it can succesfully receive calls. When I try to dial out it does not work because the router expects DTMF tones, which I knew before buying the phone. I found some hardware converters that can translate pulse dial mode to DTMF signals, but they are twice as expensive as the phone itself (around 50€). So I thought there may be a way to dial using my Android 8.1 phone: can I somehow select a contact on my smartphone and then play the number over the speaker into the old phone's mic? I also thought of buying one of these old mini dialers that you used to check your answering machines, but then you'd have to manually dial the number.

Besides that: if you know of any cheap hardware converters, please let me know, too! Thanks

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