My phone suffers from what is apparently called "sticky" wi-fi. In other words when I am of some proximity outside of my house the phone sees my access point and believes it's connected but it doesn't see me. Eventually it will realize this and connect over LTE but then go back to the same access point. And sitting in my car I can see it happen over and over again. The internet does not work or connections hang during this time.

I tried enabling the developer option "Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover" but noticed the same thing happening, however when I went back into the menu to disable it I noticed it was already off, something turned it off. I have tried a few times now and though I can see it on initially when I later go back it has turned off (arbitrarily I guess, I don't know the moment that it happens).

My question: What would cause "Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover" to keep turning itself off? Is that a feature of the OS or why would it happen? Any advice for this issue?

I am going to try a different option in Advanced Wi-Fi for the time being named "Switch to mobile data" which is supposed to switch automatically to mobile data when Internet unavailable via Wi-Fi so I'll see if that helps.

Using Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

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