I started using a popular free to play online Poker app some time ago, and I'm pretty sure that after about a week of playing they ramped up the difficulty significantly - I was steadily winning, and then for three days straight without changing my strategy I would be beaten down to zero very quickly. They offer in-app purchases of chips, so I put two and two together and never played it again. Now I'm looking for a similar game from an honest studio, but I will not play one where in-game currency or any other game advantage is available for purchase.

After going through several dozen poker apps (including paid ones) they all fall into one of these categories:

  1. Offers in-app purchases.
  2. Doesn't say it offers in-app purchases but Google asks for that permission on install.
  3. Wants full access to my phone.
  4. Not an online poker app, but still shows up when searching for "texas holdem".

Different from two other questions I'm not looking for how to tell whether a specific app offers in-app purchases, but instead how to either not show any apps offering in-app purchases in search results or quickly determine from the search results by visual hints (that is, without having to look at each app's full info) which ones offer in-app purchases.

I'd be completely fine with using an API if that is available.

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