So one night i was using my Galaxy Tab A and realized that someone had taken my screen lock off, so every time I had opened my screen cover it would just automatically unlock my screen. So I decided to put a lock back on it and the password type that I was using previously was the "Direction swipes" lock and the combination I thought was just way too easy, and I really liked this type of screen lock. So I came up with an even harder combination and after awhile I had pressed the power button to lock the screen, and when I tried turning it back on I didn't even swipe up on the screen to unlock it and instantly realized I had already forgotten the new combination. So I've been using the guest user on my tablet.

So my question is, how do I get back into the main users screen without having to factory reset the whole device? Is there any chance of that?

Please help me somebody, anybody!!!


Check this link, for solved you not need enable debuging and root:

Why does Android Device Manager not changes my password?

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