is there any way in the Android App to save an image from a notebook to local sdcard except for taking a screenshot which in fact gives me a quality loss, especially on detailed high-res pictures?


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On my OnePlus 6 running latest OneNote from Play Store, when I long-press an image, Gallery is listed as an option. From Gallery you can really do virtually anything, specifically, "sharing" to another app. Then you can find a way to save the image.

  • Very strange, when I longpress an image, a circle with a arrow-cross appears and the image is selected, but it only says: copy, cut, paste, select everything, alternative text. Any ideas? EDIT: I've put the image into the notebook from the browser on my computer. Now I just tried to put an image from my smartphone into a notebook - and yes indeed, I can open it afterwards in my gallerie. VERY STRANGE!
    – tim
    Jan 14, 2019 at 17:09

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