I tried working with my Wacom One tablet on my Mi Pad 4 Plus stock ROM via OTG. Mi Pad 4 Plus was not even recognising the device. I unlocked the bootloader of the device and installed TWRP.

I tried Carbon ROM whose kernel source given in the XDA page contained a file called "wacom_serial4.c". I hoped the tablet will work, but no luck.

I tried with Lineage OS as well, whose kernel source also seemed to contain the same file. Still, unusable.

I have magisk installed in the tablet.

1) Is it possible to say install a magisk module or do some patch to install Wacom driver and make it work?

2) Is there a ROM that I can flash which had out of the box support for the digitizer tablet? I know that Wacom tablets work well with Nexus 7 (reference).

3) Is it possible to maybe install the drivers given in the linux wacom project on Android?

I am motivated to do this because I can do a lot of productivity work including taking notes, drawing etc on the tablet just like I do on my linux PC using my digitizer tablet.

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