I created an event using the Calendar app on Android 7.1.1 on a Planet Gemini. On the Gemini, the event shows up as white text on a black background. On https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ the event does not show up at all.

The Gemini is connected to the Internet. I am using the Google Calendar app. On the Gemini, if I open the Google Calendar app, and tap Menu, I do not see a calendar name with a checkbox. In the menu, under PC SYNC, it shows "PC Sync" with a black checkbox with a white tick. With the Calendar open on the Gemini, the Event calendar icon has a dot at the top left, rather than the bottom right.

I re-created the event on https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ and this event shows up on the Android calendar app, which now shows two copies of the event.

What do I need to do to sync the events created on the Android calendar app with the calendar shown on https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ ?

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