Phone With CheckmarkHey there, I'm wondering what these notifications mean in the top left of these images (specifically the one phone with the checkmark and the one square thing with a check mark). It's a Samsung Galaxy A5 running Android 7.0... Something funny is happening with this device and I need your help. This is my one daughter's phone. She has this habit of screen shotting things on her phone and then quickly deleting them from her gallery. About a week ago I told her that I had to check her phone for a minute while we were ordering food and about a minute later out of the corner of my eye, I saw her quickly screen shot a message (not sure what she did with it after that) and then delete it from the Photo Gallery. I recovered a bunch of deleted photos and almost all of them seem to be screenshots of text message conversations, with the occasional one being some other sort of info. Any theories? It's driving me nuts, no one should be screen shotting and deleting things like that.. she also has Samsung knox and secure folder on her phone but when I open them up, they appear unused. I'm wondering if they are allowing her to hide something? How would I be able to know for sure? Could there be another phone she's using?Square Thing With A Checkmark

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